Shine Some Light on People Loving Their Neighbor

How to combat the darkness of our time


I can’t handle one more piece of horrific, senseless killing. Getting in the car yesterday to go to yoga, I was confronted with the news of the carnage in Nice, France.  So many innocent lives lost–their light extinguished– in what seem to be never ending stories of rape, kidnapping, murder, children sold as sex slaves. The International Justice Mission lost 3 brave men last week in Kenya after they were kidnapped & murdered–it didn’t even make the news, as far as I know Sometimes, it feels like the darkness is winning.

What can be done?

Compassion fatigue is a real thing, especially for first responders. You wall off yourself emotionally as protection from the horrors witnessed. But there’s the danger of detaching from those we love. Most of us are not first responders, yet it still sometimes feels like it would just be easier to give up and wall oneself off from humanity. But that isn’t how I want to live.

As I thought about recent events, I decided on a different course of action. Out of the hopelessness I was feeling, I brainstormed the idea of a project that will shine the light on people that are engaged in their community as “life-givers”.  People helping in  their own way–however small–to make their community a safer, more hopeful place to live. I want to interview and photograph people who are not afraid to take on hard tasks, and who are loving the marginalized, the forgotten, the homeless, the helpless, the immigrant–our neighbors. Their stories need to be told.


The ask–help shine some light

We know 2 families in Denver that are wholly invested in creating connection in their communities of Littleton and Raleigh Street (Denver), and I hope to share their stories very soon. I know there are many, many more, so here’s the ask:

So here is the ask:Who do you know that is investing themselves in their community, making it a safer, more loving/tolerant/life-giving community?   Please share a bit of their story so we can be reminded of all the good that is being done everyday. Please join me in fighting back the darkness by shining some light on those who work quietly, without fanfare, to practice one of the greatest tenets of our faith: Love your neighbor. You can leave a comment by clicking here.






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  • Denise Bruchmiller

    Great idea my friend!

  • I think sharing stories of the beauty in our community is one of the best ways you can contribute to improvements. With all the flooding in Baton Rouge I have seen SUCH LIGHT in the community! It has been incredible to watch everyone hold hands, hold each other, cry together, cook together, gut their homes together, cloth one another. An ugly storm brought beauty out of the community…it polished us up so to speak.

    • Kathy Rushing

      Gabby, I love that idea! I can’t get there currently–maybe with your wonderful photographic eye, you could capture a few images to send me, then we could talk by phone to fill in the story? I’ve been following your Facebook posts, and know that YOU are one of many “shining the light”, sister! You have inspired many, no doubt, by just doing what you can do, 3 littles in tow!

      The town I live in is known for its 2 rivers; our town has experienced flooding more than once in the 25 years we have lived there. It is devastating to go through a flood.

      Thanks so much for commenting here & serving your neighbors so well.