About Kathy

In a nutshell...(no pun intended)

  • My sweet husband affectionately labeled me a coffee snob, long before Starbucks was on every corner. Life is too short for bad coffee.
  • Coffee snob has expanded to wine snob. What can I say–my tastes have developed. See above–life is too short for crappy wine.
  • My happy place is gathering friends and family around the table, nourishing body and soul.
  • Chatty Kathy was a doll I received when I was little. It was apparently prophetic.
  • I would do almost anything for my family and friends. I seek to love deeply, without regret.
  • We laugh…a lot.
  • We love hearing people's stories, and encouraging where we can.
  • Being outdoors is one of the ways I open my eyes to wonder and beauty–hiking, camping, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, cycling–I love it all.
  • Photography is a creative outlet for me. I chase after evening light like a drunk trying to drain the last drop of wine.
  • Practicing yoga & mindfulness has taught me to slow down my monkey brain, a wee bit.
  • Several years ago, we began mentoring some young marriages and have gained several “adopted” grandchildren that we love dearly. *We are not sending them to college.

The Rest of the story…

Best of friends, 37 years!

I’m in a sweet spot in life—we have raised our 3 kids and they have officially flown the coup. Yep, it was bittersweet at first, but I am finding great joy in the freedom that comes with being this side of parenting. As they have spread their wings, I’m finding that I am able to spread mine a bit more also. Thus, this place to write about things I have learned in 37 years of marriage, parenting, business ventures, and this journey of faith.


Mr & Mrs! January 12, 1980

Mark & I married when we were babies—at least that’s how we look in our wedding picture! We have weathered just about everything that every married couple faces, and we nearly broke apart during one long season in our marriage. “But a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”(Eccl. 4:12).

We clung to God’s love even when we couldn’t feel it, and we worked very hard at our marriage. How grateful we are that we kept fighting for our marriage, because it is a wonderful thing to enjoy this season with my best friend.

I am passionate about encouraging relationships—especially marriage. My parents divorced when I was 16, and I was determined not to end up the same way. I spent 20+ years as a Marriage and Family Counselor, specializing in marital therapy.

About 4 years ago, Mark & I started meeting for dinner with some young couples we know. We would eat and laugh and talk about marriage and life. I love the friendships that have developed with these young couples. This blog is born out of a desire to expand the circle, and continue to share tools and ideas to help develop great relationships.

Maybe you are not married yet—I hope something here will help you understand what a healthy relationship can look like. We have found
that we all need someone who’s just a little farther down the road than we are, to give hope and perspective.

Jeremy and Roxanne's wedding

Questions are welcome; I believe that’s how we hone our beliefs and create a purposeful life. I don’t have all the answers, but I will listen and create a safe place to explore life, faith and relationships. Come on in… I’m glad you’re here.