“Scott and I did the personality profiles and it was so helpful to understand how we’re wired… especially since our styles are very different. We both tend to get lost in our thoughts, which can make us seem unapproachable to each other and our kids. That was a blind spot for me. Kathy did a wonderful job interpreting our results (without judgment!) and coached us on how to recognize and respond to each others’ styles.”

Jen Selverian

“Our meeting with Kathy was a pivotal moment in our lives. We felt stuck and couldn’t make a decision regarding our next steps. Kathy’s unique knowledge of entrepreneurship and marriage helped us see our situation in a new light. We’ve had more peace and direction since our initial meeting with Kathy.”

Daniel and Amanda Espinoza 

“Our marriage has been enriched the most through learning how to have healthy conflict.  We are so grateful for the tools Kathy and Mark have shared that have helped us grow stronger as a couple.”

Jason & Marnie A.

“Kathy has been such a valuable resource, cheerleader and true friend to our marriage. She has helped us to develop better communication skills and perhaps more importantly better listening skills within our marriage! She has walked alongside us as we have navigated muddy and sometimes challenging waters with our extended families. We value her wisdom and insight and are blessed by her friendship.”


“Mark and Kathy have been a valuable tool to create a buffer in times of conflict in our marriage.”

A. M.

“The DISC profile was extremely enlightening…it helped me to understand myself and my spouse better and improved the way that we relate to each other”

Andrea P.

“When the entrepreneurial journey is such an ever-present part of our marriage and family, it’s hard to figure out what healthy communication with my wife should look like. The business demands can easily consume everything. Because Mark and Kathy have walked a similar path, I’ve learned from their example of how to be more balanced and intentional in building up my marriage”

Brad V.