Have we met? Because I feel like I know you.

The entrepreneur journey can be all consuming, with more twists and turns than the wildest roller coaster. Sometimes, the spouse feels like the business or project is a mistress who gets more time and attention than the marriage. You want your marriage to be life giving, with goals you work on together. But who has time for relationship work when there’s so much to do?

Small actions, done regularly, transform a “good enough” marriage into a GREAT marriage.

I’ve been married to a serial entrepreneur for almost 40 years. My background as a Marriage & Family therapist gave us tools we needed to thrive in the midst of some challenging times. We are enjoying the deep friendship and intimacy that comes from intentionally working on our marriage, even when the business threatened to take over our lives.

Would you like proven strategies to:

  • communicate so you both get needs met?
  • manage conflict to benefit your relationship?
  • create better life/work balance and ENJOY your marriage and life?
  • deepen the friendship, intimacy, and fun in your marriage?
  • understand how you & your spouse are wired, benefitting from each other’s strengths & differences?

The resources I have curated and created here can all be done from the comfort of your home. Start investing in your marriage TODAY and discover what other successful couples do to create a business AND a marriage they love.

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