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Transcript: Dorcas Cheng-Tozun: Author & Entrepreneur Spouse, Hard-Won Perspective from Life in an International Social Enterprise

Dorcas Cheng-Tozun 6/20 Kathy: [00:02:15] Hi, Dorcas. How are you? Dorcas: [00:02:16]  I'm good. How are you, Kathy? Kathy: [00:02:19] Oh, I'm so good. I'm so good. I wish we didn't live so far apart. I'd really love to just sit down with you and have tea or coffee or whatever Dorcas: [00:02:27] . Yes, that would…

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Adam & Bekah sitting on porch

Transcript: Bekah & Adam Voglewede: Behind the Scenes of a Successful Small Business

Please note, this is an AI transcript, edited as time allowed. Kathy: [00:02:32] Hey, Becca and Adam, so happy to join you guys on zoom today.  Bekah: [00:02:40] Hi. Hi,  Kathy: [00:02:42] you look beautiful.  Becca.  Bekah: [00:02:44] Thank you  Kathy: [00:02:44] for those that will learn shortly. Becca is an aesthetician and, um, I…

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Transcript for Mark Rushing, From Pastor to Entrepreneur: How He Uncovered His True Life's Work

Please note: This is an AI transcription, with as much editing as I have time to complete. Grace for the imperfections 😉. See the show notes for this episode for the special offer for podcast listeners/readers. Only good through 3/31/2020.   Kathy: [00:00:00]  I'd like to explore a little bit about that journey to your…

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