Adam & Bekah sitting on porch

Bekah & Adam Voglewede: Behind the Scenes of a Successful Small Business

Episode notes I’m joined today by Bekah & Adam Voglewede. Bekah’s evolution as a small business owner has a unique twist, reminding us that not all entrepreneurs are big risk takers. I met Bekah several years ago when I started seeing her for facials. Bekah is passionate about sharing her knowledge of healthy skin with…

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Tony & Felicity Dale zoom image

Tony & Felicity Dale: Doctors Committed to Restoring Body & Soul

Episode Notes: My guests today are Tony & Felicity Dale. In 1987, they packed up the biggest suitcases they could find and moved their 4 young children across the pond from London to Austin, TX. They didn’t know a soul, but they were following the Lord’s direction to continue a ministry they had been part…

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Bill, Sarah Woolsey collaborate in life & work. Social enterprise creates meaningful work for Sarah

Sarah & Bill Woolsey: Creating Impact through Social Enterprise

What does an egalitarian marriage look like? I didn’t know that Bill & Sarah Woolsey would illustrate this so beautifully, but in this episode, they share about the give and take to make both of their dreams a reality. Their story includes navigating a serious illness only a year into marriage, putting together the puzzle…

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Mark Rushing: From Pastor to Entrepreneur: How He Uncovered His True Life's Work

Today’s episode picks up a conversation between me and my serial entrepreneur hubby, Mark. We talk about his career progression from pastor & church planter to serial entrepreneur. We explore his “aha” discovery in his mid 40’s, several years after launching his company. We discuss the benefits of personality profiles & mentors in discovering our…

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Brad and Jooyoung Voeller smiling

Brad & Jooyoung Voeller: True Partnership Forged From Challenges of Startup Life

Being married to an entrepreneur can be challenging, especially when that isn’t how you’re wired. I’ve heard many spouses voice frustration when it’s taking longer than expected for a startup to become profitable. “why can’t you just get a job?” Is a common question asked when month after month, savings dwindle, along with  the hope…

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Bob&Rose Knorr for podcast

Bob & Rose Knorr: Bootstrapping One of the Fastest Growing Medical Device Companies

My guests on today’s episode are Bob & Rose Knorr. They are an example of what Chip Conley refers to as “modern-day elders”. But don’t confuse elders with “old”. Very much still young at heart, they are investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs and young adults.  In this episode, the Knorrs share their experience of…

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Doug & Cristie Martine

Doug & Cristie Martine: Constructing a Life of Partnership & Purpose

Doug & Cristie Martine share highlights and wisdom from dating and marriage, to Doug's transition from climbing the corporate ladder, to starting a construction management company. 2:57 Met at Texas A&M (whoop!), dating, early marriage 10:30 Cristie's eating disorder 17:33 Held in God's Hand 18:51 What did the future look like regarding work or purpose?…

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