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Walt & Tina Wilkins: Reflections on the Road They Chose

Show notes: Note: Heads up if you're listening with young children in the car– there are a few words sprinkled through the interview that might not be for young ears (no “f” word). Today’s episode is the first of several that will focus on entrepreneurs who create art through their words, music, or visual arts. …

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Liz & Ben Bohannon: Co-founders of Sseko Designs, on Doing ALL of Life Together

Show notes: Today I am so happy to have Ben & Liz Bohannon, co-founders of Sseko Designs as my guests. Liz recently released her book Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose, Passion and Impact Now, which tells about her trip to Uganda as a young adult and her unconventional way of discovering her purpose…

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Brent & Kierstan Fessler: Love Works in Marriage, Parenting, & Workplace

Show notes: Today I’m joined by Brent & Kierstan Fessler. Brent is another man that sat on a C12 board with Mark. Check out episode 3 with Brad & Jooyoung Voeller, and episode 29 with Trevor & Catie Bird, for interviews with other C12 peers. When Mark joined a C12 board, he found the life…

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Trevor & Catie Bird: Co-Owners Durango Harley-Davidson, On The Ride of Their Lives!

Show notes: About 15 years into starting and scaling Alzcare, the assisted living company Mark started in 1997, he was burned out. It began to take a toll on our marriage as neither of us had much left in the tank. A friend told Mark about C12—a Christian peer board that met once a month.…

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We're Buying a Business! Part 3, “Dating & Engagement”

Show notes: The 3rd episode in a series where Mark & I chronicle buying a business. This episode covers the process of “dating”–getting more information, how the SBA loan process works, difference between buying assets and buying a business. And most importantly, how we process this as a couple. Find the full transcript here

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We're Buying a Business! Part 2: Narrowing the search

Show notes: Part 2 of a series where Mark & Kathy pull back the curtain on their process of buying a business. The pandemic created a heightened awareness of the need to diversify their income. Currently, all of their business involves long-term care, which took a big hit in the pandemic. We discuss the process…

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We're Buying a Business– In a Pandemic! Part 1

Show Notes: Mark & I are in the process of buying a business. In the middle (are we in the middle? Please say yes.) of a pandemic. This is Part 1 of what will be at least 4 parts: Why are we looking at buying a business? What homework have we done to get to…

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Caitlin Dunnagan & Nate Hunt: Early Stage Entrepreneurs & CCS Flower Truck

SHOWNOTES: I love meeting entrepreneurs. It’s like hearing a good adventure story when I listen to a seasoned entrepreneur tell their story from startup to sale. The episode with Bob & Rose Knorr, which was episode 2, was a nail biter, and I already knew the ending! But I especially love hearing the stories of…

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Nathan & Dianne Baxter: Life Coaches Share Keys to Long-Term Marriage (note: they couldn't agree on anything in the beginning!)

Show Notes: How do 2 strong willed, competitive people thrive for 33 years of marriage? By wrestling. Yep, that’s what they said!  Nathan & Dianne Baxter join me today, and boy, did we cover a lot of ground.  Their career paths seemed to be an unlikely fit when they fell in love. But as love…

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