Matt & Joy Eggerichs Reed: On Staying Grounded While Launching Family & Punchline Agency

Show Notes Episode 40: I’m joined today by Matt & Joy Eggerichs Reed, all the way from Paris. Well, they’re still in Paris, they just teleported in for the interview, as one does now with technology. Matt & Joy married a little later than many of their peers, so they put the pedal to the…

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couple smiling at the camera, she has long blond hair, he has ball cap on

Brandi & Danny Graves: Collaboration as Savage Sublime

Show notes: Savage Sublime is the husband/wife duo of Brandi & Danny Graves. They create artifacts that you will actually use in your daily life but are sturdy enough to become heirlooms. Brandi makes beautiful cutting boards from the trees on their property in Sebastopol, CA. Dan makes & curates historical Viking axes and WWII…

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middle aged couple dressed in white, standing on the beach

Mark & Marj McClain: Successful IPO (SailPoint) AND Marriage? Do Tell!

Show Notes: Today’s episode covers so much ground with Mark & Marj McClain. You just can’t distill the wisdom of 35 years of marriage and decades of multiple ventures into 20 minutes. So listen in 2 parts if you need to, or catch the Takeaways episode that will follow. But don’t miss it! Mark wanted…

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OL & Sway Buckley: Marriedpreneur Life

Show Notes: Every once in a while, social media provides something more than a way to fill empty time or to entertain ourselves with endless puppy pictures (I’m looking at you, sweetie!) Sometimes, it provides a connection to people you might never have met otherwise.  I first “met” OL & Sway Buckley on Instagram. After…

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Family of 5 in front of fall tree. Mom, dad, 2 young girls and a son

Zech & Rachel Newman: Keys to Rewriting Their Marriage & Life Playbook

Show Notes: My guests today are Zech & Rachel Newman. I was introduced to Zech through a mutual coach, Mike Loomis when Zech was releasing his book a few years ago. His book is titled: Chasing Dreams in a Minivan: For men with big goals, and the women who put up with them.  Well, I…

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couple having coffee with palm trees behind them. He's kissing her on the cheek

Brent & Julie Cody: Framing Startup Risk as a Family Adventure

Show Notes: One of the joys of having grown children is getting to meet their amazing friends. We met Brent & Julie Cody through Ryan & Amy, our middle son & daughter-in-love.  We haven’t had 1:1 time with Brent & Julie, so it was really fun to hear their story.  They talk about how they…

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Young couple with tattoos sitting on steps, she's behind him, smiling at each other

Seth & Melanie Studley: How Learning to Fight FOR Their Marriage Led to Helping Others Do the Same

Show Notes Episode 34: Marriage is a tricky deal. There is so much about being married, and even working together, that is fun and fulfilling, comfortable, passionate, exciting, and surprising. But, let’s be real…assuming that 2 people with different life experiences, personalities, needs and expectations will get along just because they love each other is…

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couple standing outdoors, desert background with rainbow, he has his arm around her

Walt & Tina Wilkins: Reflections on the Road They Chose

Show notes: Note: Heads up if you're listening with young children in the car– there are a few words sprinkled through the interview that might not be for young ears (no “f” word). Today’s episode is the first of several that will focus on entrepreneurs who create art through their words, music, or visual arts. …

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young couple in fall attire, holding apples they picked

Liz & Ben Bohannon: Co-founders of Sseko Designs, on Doing ALL of Life Together

Show notes: Today I am so happy to have Ben & Liz Bohannon, co-founders of Sseko Designs as my guests. Liz recently released her book Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose, Passion and Impact Now, which tells about her trip to Uganda as a young adult and her unconventional way of discovering her purpose…

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