Doug & Cristie Martine: Constructing a Life of Partnership & Purpose

Doug & Cristie Martine

Doug & Cristie Martine share highlights and wisdom from dating and marriage, to Doug's transition from climbing the corporate ladder, to starting a construction management company.

  • 2:57 Met at Texas A&M (whoop!), dating, early marriage
  • 10:30 Cristie's eating disorder
  • 17:33 Held in God's Hand
  • 18:51 What did the future look like regarding work or purpose?
  • 19:41 Doug's early goals
  • 21:04 Cristie's early career
  • 22:06 And baby makes 3
  • 23:07 Doug's transition
  • 24:00 Questions the status quo
  • 27:11 Finally made the leap, and international adoption
  • 29:16 Ups and downs, net gain
  • 30:27 Faith journey
  • 31:13 Diversification
  • 31:39 Crossing the river, one stone at a time
  • 34:49 How did the ups & downs impact your marriage?
  • 36:15 Timing is never perfect for entrepreneurs
  • 44:12 Most important question to ask your spouse before taking the entrepreneur leap
  • 45:04 Is your spouse a raving fan?
  • 46:09 Team Martine. How much do you talk about business at home?
  • 49:08 Great marriages don't just happen. What do you do to deepen intimacy, fun, and friendship?
  • 51:39 Date nights
  • 53:15 Putting each other first
  • 56:00 Finding cracks in time to make family a priority
  • 57:32 What do you know now in business or marriage that you wish you'd known earlier?
  • 57:44 Perseverance–everything takes longer than you think it will
  • 59:39 No overnight success
  • 1:00:41 Celebrate the small things
  • 1:02:05 Dave Ramsey, preparing for financial things unforeseen


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