A “Good” Good-Bye

The Power of Review Before Moving On

Here we are on the verge of a new year, and like many, I find myself looking forward to some new goals, habits and accomplishments I want to see in 2017. Tempted to launch into my typical list making mode, I caught myself this year, and took a little different approach. I took the time […]


How are you doing on your "one" thing to focus on?

As promised, I’m checking in to see how you did on your January “one” thing. How did you do? My “one” thing was to write “four” things–blog posts. Here’s what I learned this month: While I did write 4 posts, only 2 were fit to publish.  The world is not ready for the other two–ha! […]

The Secret to Keeping a Resolution

The calendar has just turned to a new year, and I am curious…have you made any resolutions? I have been asking people this for the past few years, and very few have responded with specific goals or desires for the coming year. Most people just shrug, or say, “Nah, resolutions never work” as if it […]